FFL Transfers

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FFL transfers are required when purchasing guns online 
We make it easy!
Simply fill out the questionnaire below to be directed to 
a copy of our FFL for your shipping dealer.
Once your item is received, we'll notify you when to pick it up and what's required!

Transfer fees start at only $30.
Ultrasonic cleaning is available! pick your guns up clean!
Don't forget, we are a new and used gun dealer!
Special orders from us have no shipping or FFL Fees,
and we give great discounts when orders are prepaid!
Transfer Form
Please provide below all information 
for the FFL dealer that will be shipping your firearm to us. 
You may then copy and paste the image of our FFL to email to
your shippng dealer for verification
Your Full Name: *
Your Phone Number:
Your Email Address: *
Shipping Dealer Name: *
Shipping Dealer Phone: *
Shipping Dealer Email:
Approximate ship date: *
Firearm Make/Model: *
Would you like it cleaned when it is received?: *
By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are responsible for following the laws in your State. Additionally, you understand that transferred items left unclaimed in our store for longer than 30 days may become the property of Black Bag Shooting Sports.:
Notes or requests?:
Shipments of handguns from Hi-Point, Jimenez, Bryco, Jennings, Lorcin, or other discontinued or "pawn shop" brands will NOT be accepted. if you're not sure of our policy, please ask. We're happy to assist.

We currently do not accept transfers of NFA/Class 3 items
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