Our Services

We offer a wide array of services for firearm owners. Here are just a few.

Gunsmithing services
Whether it's for new sights, barrel threading, trigger work or general repairs, we want to be your shop. We have the tools and the know-how to make your guns run the way you want and need them to in any situation. our average turnaround time is only 7-10 days when parts are readily available, and we maintain a large network of suppliers to make sure you have your guns when you need them. Installation of many accessories is free when they are purchased through our store, and our labor rate is only $72/hr with a work estimate fee of $35 that's waived when the work is performed

Ultrasonic cleaning 
Firearms are coated with lots of chemicals and preservative lubricants, all of which leave traces of themselves in the form of carbon and dirt-catching grease. Our ultrasonic cleaning procedure cleans in mild solvents that inhibit rust, using sound waves to break loose particulate matter that can't be reached with a brush. Our machine also allows us to clean at very high heat, reaching nearly 160ºF, breaking up grease and carbon, resulting in smoother actions and less friction.
We finish our procedure with Otis Special Forces Dry-Lube and high quality synthetic oils to reduce trapped dirt and dust and make basic at-home cleaning easier and more effective
Handguns-$35 Long Guns-$45

Restorative Services 
As firearms age, they can become unattractive and even unsafe. Rust and old fouling removal can be tedious, at best, and sometimes nearly impossible to do at home. Touching up metal and wood finishes is even more difficult and can involve dangerous chemicals. We can not only help to restore your guns, we can help to identify materials, manufacture dates, even origination and value. While we would never suggest altering a finish or destroying a beautiful patina, we will do our best to help to preserve the beauty of your classic and antique guns.

AR platform custom builds 
Store-Bought AR-15's are good, but wouldn't you rather have great?
Our entry level AR builds start at only $899, and they include high-end parts from Spike's Tactical, YHM, Del-Ton, and Midwest industries. We don't use factory seconds or "blem" parts for one reason...
We won't shoot with them.
Stop in and check out one of our base model builds and you'll see the difference 

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